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National Organisation Council of ME

According article 8 of The Statutes of Montessori Europe, „The Executive Committee is authorised to establish Advisory Councils, in order to support its activities and to improve the overall effectiveness of Montessori Europe“,

In particular, „one Advisory Council must be established, namely a National Organisation Council of Montessori Europe (NOCME) that represents all institutional members of Montessori Europe.“

So, what is NOCME?
It is an advisory council to The Executive Committee of Montessori Europe (ME) and active networking device of Montessori Europe.

And who are the members of NOCME?
NOCME consists of at least one delegate of The Executive Committee of ME and representatives of institutional members of ME in respective countries, primarily one or more national Montessori organizations (if such exist).
If there is not a national Montessori organization in certain country, other institutional members of ME may represent the country, but the NOCME membership is, however, subject to ME Executive Committee approval. The approval lasts until a National Organization in the country is created.

What does NOCME do?
Montessori Europe's aim is to build up an active and vital Montessori network in Europe. NOCME is there to assist The Executive Committee of Montessori Europe in this endeavour and has two main functions: one directed from outside toward The Executive Committee and the other one directed from The Executive Committee toward ME members and other networking entities.

The first function consists of counselling The Executive Committee (EC), either at the EC's request or on NOCME's own decision.

The second function consists of working towards the aim of ME, as expressed in the Statues:  „... helping to build an active and vital Montessori network.“

NOCME meetings
The members of NOCME meet at least once a year during ME’s annual conference, where a special time slot for the NOCME meeting is reserved.