Dear Members and Friends of Montessori Europe, We are in the final stages of completing the new Montessori Europe website. We expect to go live around 14 May 2017. When the new website goes live, we will also start with the registration for the Montessori Europe Congress 2017 in The Hague, The Netherlands.



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Membership in Montessori Europe

Montessori Europe’s mission is to create a European network of Montessori educators, schools and school leaders - as an organization for networking, collaboration, exchange, to provide mutual support, create synergies and increase motivation.

Ongoing membership in Montessori Europe (ME), as a person or as an institution, is an important means of supporting our mission and strengthening the ties between Montessori professionals working in Europe.

Members of Montessori Europe have access to special-interest working groups to collaborate and exchange, using the edWeb platform (see

- Montessori Online Community

- Secondary Education

- Guidelines

- Research

- National Organisation Council of Montessori Europe / NOCME

As a member, you benefit from a reduced rate to our yearly congress, free access to our resources online, and you have the opportunity to join a growing community of Montessori Educators all over Europe.

Revenues from membership fees support our networking in the form of managing the working groups, financing travel costs and such.

If you would like to become an ongoing member of Montessori Europe*, please use our application form: Membership Application.

Individual Membership

Open to Montessori educators, administrators, parents and all other persons interested in Montessori. The individual membership fee is 40 €/Year (Category A).

Institutional Membership

Montessori schools and children’s houses as well as other organisations (e.g. institutions, associations, training facilities, companies) can become an institutional member. Yearly membership fees are:

o   Category B (60,- EUR) for schools and kindergartens up to 50 students

o   Category C (90,- EUR) for schools and kindergartens up to 100 students

o   Category D (120,- EUR) for schools and kindergartens up to 200 students

o   Category E (150,- EUR) for schools and kindergartens over 200 students

o   Category F (200,- EUR) for other organisations (e.g. institutions, associations, training facilities, companies)

Services for our Institutional Members

Placing job advertisement or event notes on the Montessori Europe homepage:
You have the possibility to place job advertisements or event notices on our homepage for free (runtime 3 months).

If you would like to use this offer, please send us your information/data as a Word document per email.
For non-members we charge a fee of 50 €.

Placing information for training courses on the Montessori Europe homepage:
You have the possibility to place information for your training courses on our homepage.

Reports/Articles for the Montessori Europe eNewsletter:
You can publish reports or interesting articles of your Kindergarten/School/Organization/Institution in our eNewsletter. 

Free place at the NOCME “Meeting point” during the Montessori Europe Congress:
As a member of NOCME, you can present your education activities for children at the association level at the NOCME “Meeting point” during our congress, without charge. Please inform us in advance.
Please note: This excludes the display or offering of Montessori materials or supplementary materials, or other commercial activities.

Use of the Montessori Europe logo:
The use of the Montessori Europe logo is currently free of charge for ME members. We ask you to provide a link to the Montessori Europe homepage when displaying the logo online.


* Montessori Europe e.V. is a nonprofit association registered and accredited in Germany.

As a member, you pay a yearly membership fee based on our Business Year from July 1 to June 30. 

Membership is ongoing and must be terminated explicitly.

Residents of Germany can deduct the membership fee from their taxable income if they provide us with their current address.